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Vehicle Graphics for Truck and Trailers

Commercial vehicle fleets represent the image and brand of the company, so it is imperatuive that the design and aethetics of the truck graphics displays the image of that company.

In an age where image is everything lots of time, design is spent transfering the corporate brand to the vehicles that the company operates.

The branding can be supplied and installed an most vehicles from 44tonne tractor units to the small commercial van.

Because all vehicles are different shapes and sizes it is imperative that each spcific vehicle branding in made to fit each type of vehicle, ensuring a uniform corpoarate image along the company fleet.

Vehicle graphics to Truck and Trailers is a very cost-effective media, powerfull  enough to promote brand awareness , business growth and sales.

It also helps with the recruitment process of attracting drivers to your comapny, a new and well branded fleet of vehicles does and will attract drivers from businesses that do not look after their fleets as well


Designing the Truck Graphics

This is a key stage to ensure the fleet looks fabulous and represents the company image:

Some of the critical factors that need to be taken into account when designing Truck and Trailer Graphics:

  • Decide on the brand logo and message
  • Other details need to be considered include: contact details, email address any specific Health  and Safety details (such as hazordous chemicals)
  • Which fleet of vehicles need to be branded
  • High resolution logo/branding need to be supplied
  • Design the image for the vehicle fleet, sign-off the proof


And leave the rest to us!

Truck Graphics Proof

A vital part of the supply/installation process for the fleet of vehicles is the signing-off process. This ensure that the fleet will look the way that the comapny wants their fleet branded. This is also the final stage before the printing and manufacturing of the graphics, so last chance to change to design/proof.

Truck and Trailer Graphcs can be manufactured from various material from lang lasting vinyl to printed materials and wrapping.

The design of the graphics will identify the best materials for the fleet.


Working with our Design Team

A key factor in the success/roll-out of a fleet branding is the relationsship the company has with our design team…. we are there to help all of the way!


Why not request a call to discuss your fleet requirements