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Health and Safety Signs

Health and Safety Signs

The Health and Safety Executive ‘HSE‘ is the governing body to ennsure that all workplaces are safe for all concerned, staff customers and anyone visiting the location. The HSE has responsibilty for investigating and reporting on accidents in the workplace, they are able to close businesses down and fine or take legal action against owners of companies if there is proof of a breach of Health and Safety regulations.

H & S signs are a key part to the infrastructure of any business ensuring everybody in the location is fully aware of all the risks that they face whilst onsite.

Do not get caught out, make sure your business is covered!

Off -The- Shelf Signs or Branded Bespoke Signs

At Smile Signs we are able to offer you pretty much anything you need, we have an extensive catalogue of pre-made signs available or we can create the branded bespoke signs of your choice.

The key thing to do is …TAKE ACTION.. and contact us to give advice and guidance to your requirements before its too late

Obviuosly with the Covid-19 pandemica and all of the changes to our normal working environment it is imperative that every work place has the coreect message in the right place. For furter information on Covid-19 sinage give us a call!


Some examples of bespoke signage we offer:

Transport Multi-signs


Transport Bespoke Sign

Construction Site Multi -Sign